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    Feb 17

    William Marrion Branham (April 6, 1909, Kentucky on December 24, 1965) was an influential Bible Minister within the American Pentecostal churches, being credited as the founder of the movement of the late rain, setting elements that are still present in the modern Pentecostal and charismatic churches (Rev. William Branham never officially belonged to these denominations). His opponents consider him as a false prophet because of the depth of their messages. The detractotes of his Ministry considered that I teach heretical dogmas. Among the biblical topics exposed by the Rev. Branham the most controversial so far are: predestination, seed of the serpent, the biblical baptism, the unity of God, the new birth, marriage and divorce, the Church order.

    Those who followed his Ministry for more than thirty years in North America and other countries of the world, see him as a true Prophet his campaigns were recognized by the signs and wonders that the manifesto before thousands of witnesses many of which they still live and bear witness to the extraordinary gifts of BRO. Branham. Each of the messages preached by the Rev. William Marrion Branham, as it recounted the same and many witnesses, came from God. These were confirmed through specific prophecies that were fulfilled to the letter. It was very common to hear the Rev. Branham predict days in advance all the events that occur in some meeting, city, country or continent. The Rev.

    Branham is considered by many the precursor of the divine healing movement, begun in 1947. Other subgroups of the Pentecostal and charismatic movements were influenced by Bro. Branham, as the mentioned movement of the late rain, or the manifestation of the sons of God. His Ministry was so effective that the effects of his preaching still are felt today worldwide, stimulating other Ministers who later became well known internationally. The fundamental objective of his Ministry was to return the hearts of Christians to Faith that for him was the original of Sacred Scripture and experiences through which passed the Apostles. One of their slogans was: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13: 8 Holy Bible version Reina – Valera Revision 1960). During his extensive Ministry messages were collected over a thousand hundred sermons, among the most outstanding are: the seven ages of the Church, the revelation of the seven seals, the signal. Ministers of various Protestant organizations have included important aspects of these messages in their churches, even some have preached them almost completely on their congregations showing who received a personal God’s revelation, denying any relationship with the Rev. Branham.

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