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    Aug 16

    The cookbooks of the writer Carlos Iggenheim Berlin, January 24, 2010 – Wolfgang Fiedler was born on the 23.12.1956 in Landau an der ISAR in the beautiful Lower Bavaria. For 26 years, he lives with his family in Hassloch/Bohl Iggelheim. “Singer: Mr. Fiedler, you have last year the book but please carbohydrate-poor” published in the tredition-Verlag, Hamburg. Where did you get the idea for this cookbook? Fiedler: The idea came from a very good and old friend, I very much appreciate. It is the writer Jutta Schutz. Singer: As I’ve seen, you have published also an electronic Cookbook, in the same publishing house.

    Intend to bring this fish book later as a book in the shops? Fiedler: Yes certainly, but previously is still the 2.Teil of the fish book and then we summarize all and results in a new book that you can get in the book stores. Singer: I could keep track of, you’re quite successful after only a short time with your book. How do you feel about that? Fiedler: Well, not much otherwise, as before. But it makes me some pride to have brought this. And as a result were automatically more ideas. Singer: Was it easy to publish the book for you? Fiedler: With the participation of Mrs contactor ran it very good.

    We brought together my first book on the way. Singer: Will there be a sequel to the book of your fish? Fiedler: As already mentioned, there will be a 2nd part. “Singer: How did you actually get on this low carb diet form”? Fiedler: Myself, since 2005 brought several severe diseases behind me and have increased by over 30 kg, Mrs. Schutz on low carb brought to my attention. I dealt me with this topic, what was completely new for me and could also thanks to my hobby for cooking everything good in the fact implement. Last year Ms contactor and I organized a great low carb reading tour through Germany, were also in the Benelux, England and in the United States. This year should go to Africa in the summer. We have a great invitation of various hotels. Of course we link, that means our two families, this low carb journey with a great vacation. Singer: have the book projects at work? Fiedler: Now there are 2 different books which are in work. A book about my German army time and a book about the airplane disaster at Ramstein. Ideas for a 3rd book are also already there, it will deal with it to bullying, machinations by employers, how they want to get rid of their longtime employees. Singer: Mr. Fiedler, I wish you continued success for your book projects and thank you for the interview. Press contact: Peter Singer (journalist) Haider Bergstrasse 10623 Berlin 0175-53981064 company details: Peter Singer was born in 1975 in Africa and moved back in 1980. He is at home in the car industry and as a hobby, he writes for many newspapers.

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