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  • Antonieta Lopes Notice

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    Dec 6

    Beatriz Antonieta Lopes Notice on the death of babies, children, young and adults caused for leaves me not only to the AFFECTION saddened, causes me revolt! One of the victims most recent was the young college student Fernanda Cristina, with only 19 years, in the RIO DE JANEIRO. The symptoms pointed with respect to the Affection. It passed for some doctors and the received attendance was, at least, superficial! Fernanda after died 12 hours to have had high. Eighteen people had been the death for the illness in the River this year, at least it and more three people had been victims of delayed diagnosis. Some doctors seem not to know that, the first day without fever is most critical: the evolution can be for a slow recovery or the serious hemorrhagic picture and its complications, most of the time fatal, many for the lack of medical attention. the result: Plus a family the loss of a person for the indifference cries that is the Health! The lack of a correct work to eliminate the vector! The alert one is of the infectologista of the UFRJ, Edimilson Migowski: ' ' Important it is to give attention to the general state of the sick person. It is more important of what measuring the temperature, she is necessary to give attention in the general state of the patient. According to professional, in the case of the affection, fever it is not aggravation parameter.

    ' ' The culture is to value the fever. In the affection, she is necessary to value other signals: vomit, pressure low, bleed, refuse to take liquid and pain abdominal' ' , it teaches. My revolt has a reason of being, and loads these questionings: Professionals of health (doctors), knowing that Brazil is dominated by the mosquito, WOULD HAVE to be intent, to observe the symptoms, especially high temperature (fever above of 38), chronic headache, other symptoms can or not become gifts such as pains in the body, vomits and diarria.

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