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    Feb 14

    For News Economics USD – The dollar rallied after U.S. data Jobless Claims On Thursday, the dollar managed to advance against the yen and against the major currencies, especially after the publication of Jobless Claims. Apparently, the American economy has gone through its lowest point. If you are not convinced, visit Western Union. The American currency closed up 0.2% against the euro to $ 1.3235, while against the yen advanced 0.9% to close at 99.00. It is worth noting that jobless Americans fell during this last period, and several analysts interpreted the data as signs of stabilization in the U.S.

    labor market. If the U.S. economy continues to show signs of recovery, the dollar may return again to the points as key global currency. On the other hand, the Fed's position was consistent about the fall in GDP of 6.1% for the first quarter. Also, the question as to Chrysler, with respect to its possible restructuring for the purpose of avoiding bankruptcy added some relief in the market. If the company would end up bankrupt, the dollar could undermine hard. EUR – EUR under pressure given the unemployment data on Thursday, the euro lost ground against the dollar, after the gains it had recorded days earlier.

    In what was a volatile session, the euro fell 0.2% to $ 1.3224. And earlier had recorded values in the area of $ 1.3190. It should be noted that unemployment in the Euro Area rose 8.9% during March, a figure higher than that published in February, according to the communication by the Eurostat.

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