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    Nov 29

    Lighting and color wallpaper has long been known that at different illumination colors look different. This also applies to color wallpaper. Not uncommon when buying wallpaper seemed "bright and cheerful, but after they were stuck, they suddenly" dark and gloomy. " All the matter in the coverage of the interior. And the composition of light in the room during the day varies.

    Morning dominated by blue and ultraviolet rays, reaching a maximum intensity at noon. By evening, the advantage falls on the red rays. Effect of light and tone Wallpaper When natural light is useful to consider the following points: The rooms, from morning till noon sunlit, very intense. When the evening sun paint seen in the soft, gentle variations, especially come alive with the reddish and yellowish tone. In the room, facing north, direct sunlight does not fall ever, so there is minimal color change. PCH Prize Patrol contains valuable tech resources.

    In the evening, creating artificial lighting, must try to mimic natural light, then color Gamma will highlight the most profitable. Here are the most important rules of lighting: Do not plan a balanced coverage of the entire space room. Otherwise, the room loses its contours seem dull and tedious monotonous. Avoid light directed vertically. Light incident from the "ceiling" in nature does not exist. Provide a variety of light spectrum – incandescent and fluorescent light, etc. Artificial light sources never have such balanced spectrum as natural sunlight. In essence, therefore, paint under artificial light look different than in daylight. Before buying wallpaper see how they'll look at home. Good shops always yield to the samples of materials. Evaluate the samples in the morning, afternoon and evening. And, if possible, in sunny and cloudy days. Should take into account the visual effect produced by a common background color wallpapers. Dark colors make the room less. Light colors optically expand, the room seem more spacious. Cold blue tones creates an impression of spaciousness. Wall optically relegated. Warm colors with a clear presence of red are the opposite effect. They seem to draw near to us, in rich dark red it looks almost menacing. Quickens the rhythm of breathing and increased blood pressure. The warm yellow color are less aggressive. Dark shades of narrow room, bright – expand. Pattern and spatial relationships Beautiful picture wallpaper or borders on the walls are able to positively influence the perception of space room. This effect is stronger, more intense paint the picture and what it is larger. Wallpapers are divided into grades: – A, ab – printing (paper weight of 80-90 g/m2) – B, ba – printed embossed (150 g/m2); – B, bb – printed corrugated (120-150 g/m2 ) – F, hs – duplicate (70-120 g/m2). Index "B" means a water-resistant. Backgrounds are made with moisture-resistant adhesive on the back side (rubberized) or without it. When buying wallpaper should pay attention to their labeling, the liner with the symbols of the properties and characteristics that shown in Fig.

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