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  • When The Dream Of The Child Evaporates

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    Jan 12

    Smoking: Often unconscious factor in infertility for many is simply the cigarette afterwards. Nothing is better than sex with relish to inhale a deep draw and it really nice to relax. Uncomfortable it however if the Act does not lead to the hoped-for result, and couples will try in vain to put junior in the world. Florian Janzik, founder of the Bremen company ZARA OZ mental coaching, know that in these cases the cigarette straw after straw: smoking demonstrably reduces the fertility of women and men. Women who regularly take the cigarette, are duplicated so often barren as non-smokers. Since the desire remains an unfulfilled dream for a child often.” Many couples do not realize it and consult a doctor. Especially younger women think that they have good chances to get pregnant through artificial insemination. But cigarettes make them a stroke through the Bill: A 25-year smoker has the same Chances of becoming pregnant as a 35 year-old non-smoker.

    Who wants to be pregnant on normal way, must be very patient: smoking reduces the blood flow to the ovaries and uterus in women and the testes in men. Cell division is also often disrupted, causing the eggs instead of the simple to include the double set of chromosomes and therefore remain in the immature stage. It then finally worked out, is still an increased risk of miscarriages, stillbirths and early because the germ -, egg – and sperm cells are particularly sensitive to the pollutants of the cigarette. Not only for women the blue haze affects negatively on fertility: young men have less fun in the love life. Smoking is the main cause of impotence and depression in the bed with them. There is the fertility of men who smoke daily at least four cigarettes, 75 percent less compared to non-smokers. Turn to turn tons of materials absorbs the body, harmful for the Are sperm production.

    So, smoking men have a higher percentage of malformed sperm and risk transfer altered genes and thus potential health problems their offspring at the moment of conception. In order to mitigate risks, men should stop at least three months before conception with the smoking, because the sperm need this time to fully mature. Also: the longer a man was smoking, the greater is the number of mutations in the sperm. When it comes to family planning, you should be aware of the risks and dangers and then better you leave out the cigarette. Long before the moment of conception, couples have the fulfillment of the desire and the health of the younger generation in their own hands. For many, one of the first steps is going to the experts: ZARA OZ mental coaching has developed a successful process, with the pairs without side effects and withdrawal symptoms stop, and remain non-smoking. Through deep hypnosis help psychological consultants in single or well-conducted, cigarettes definitively to renounce. The gentle method causes that habits and behavior patterns that are anchored in the subconscious mind can be influenced and wiped out.

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