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  • Vacation For The Mind

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    Aug 23

    If you can go on vacation to a place so wonderful as Brazil, surely your mind switches off without problems. Although sometimes neither distance, nor the fabulous beaches, the vertiginous landscapes nor the best company are sufficient to allow your mind to rest. Once you’ve travelled thousands of kilometres for pleasure and yet your mind seems to have stayed at the Office happened? It would be very useful for public health if at airport metal detectors include detectors of labor concerns and these were requisitioned. Surely on your return or if you even acordarias of them. The majority of issues that feed our thoughts have to do with fears that unwanted things happen in the future. It is uncertainty that leads us to put ourselves in the worst and causes us angst.

    We think that we cannot avoid it and forming part of our work to identify the risks. And it is true. It is truly necessary in our life in general have the ability to anticipate potential setbacks. But this is only useful when used to project different alternatives, in order to be able to react in time. What is not productive and Moreover it is counterproductive is that we are constantly pre-ocupando.

    If you go on vacation, either to the beaches of Copacabana or your town of birth, take care only of what you’re doing every time, which is basically relax and enjoy. Make sure you give vacation also your mind. If you plan you to conscience, the days preceding your gear can be very productive. To do so, the first thing is to make a list of all issues that you want to leave resolved, then incorporate them in your calendar with date and time. It is very important not let loose ends. The second thing you have to do is properly delegating matters that remain open. Stop thinking that only you are able to do things well and remember that it is your responsibility that everything is well detailed to avoid bad understood. It is true that it is easy to say and difficult to do, but by no means impossible. Is clear that there is one who is so hooked / a. his work and who needs to feel as essential, is able to boycott their own holidays. Do you know someone so?

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