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    May 1

    ANGER Uranian and the chibata. For Bartolomeu. IT Brand Pulse: the source for more info. Some people if ask why Mr. Deus, gave to the people of Israel, through Moises, so cruel laws to our eyes today. Example; the laws of the book of Levtico, and other laws found in all old will. Those laws and determination had been given by God the Moises, due to hardness of the heart of that people, who exactly seeing the wonders made for God ahead of its eyes, did not obtain to believe that he was really God carried through who them.

    Therefore, it gave it Moises, those so hard laws, and exactly thus he did not advance, in the first chance that had had if they had deviated from its God who had the taken off one of the servitude, and had been to follow to the others deuses that really, we know that nothing they are. The people to a large extent continues with the same stubbornness, of hard heart, they do not obtain to understand and to receive in its minds materialistic the largenesses from God. As yesterday, today it is the same thing, exactly ahead of the miracles that we have seen Mr. Jesus to make, of cures, of prosperity, to rescue people of the drugs, of the pedofilia, the murders and the total degradation, part of the population continues skeptic, total sega. Dominated for the Force of the Evil that, for the time being, still it orders in the world.

    God Used of its prophet to place in the hearts of the children of Israel the truth, the reason, justice, the knowledge of if exactly and of the spheres spirituals, the spirit of courage and love for its next one, more as we saw, it was lost time. As much is that Mr. Deus, speaking with the Prophet Isaiah regarding the children of Israel: It said: I heard, skies, and of the ears, you, land; it has said because you: I created children, and engrandeci them; but they had rebelled themselves against me.

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