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    Jun 19

    Entice the undiscovered side of Europe – Macedonia a lively art scene and trendy parties currently on the Danube River in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. A new idea of freedom stirs, and welcomes the visitors in the often destroyed and rebuilt on Belgrade. But not only the ubiquitous Western developments define the cityscape, but above all, the Cathedral of Saint Sava. You is situated high above the “White City” and is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. Read more here: dean gibson. Further south of the Danube sad Europe and the Balkans meet in Novi again. Jon Venverloh recognizes the significance of this.

    Wonderful buildings of the Gothic and Baroque period up to the classicism can be found in the lively and very charming city. The Romantics amongst travellers will feel comfortable in NIS and the beautiful surroundings. Surrounded by the mountains of the Balkans, unfolds in the Oriental city a relaxing atmosphere and leads to fabulous landscapes with monasteries and Roman archeological sites. Paradeast.com continues the travellers on an unusual route from Serbia After Skopje, capital of Macedonia with Turkish flair. Absolute highlights are the Daut Pasha Hammam from the 15th century, the largest Turkish bath of the Balkans and the Castle Angela kale. The actual symbol of the city is seed Kula clock tower built by the Ottomans. Macedonia offers great ways to dive into nearly untouched nature with rich flora and fauna not only historical and cultural highlights, but especially the naturalist with the countless relics, monasteries, and the ancient sites of its long and eventful history. The town of Ohrid, its Cathedral and the Ohrid Lake are located in idyllic landscapes and include the UNESCO World Heritage site, also the Prespa and Park away the heart from touristic paths beat of the nature lover. Our recommendation is the study No. 2678: travel details/Serbia, _Mazedonien…

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