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  • The Termination Due To The Poor Quality Of Work

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    Aug 14

    Certified specialist lawyer for employment law Alexander Bredereck, Berlin-Mitte to terminate due to poor work quality, and to the protection against dismissal claim and possible severance payments. Again, workers are promised that, not the usual in the operating performance or make an above-average many mistakes in their work. Such a termination is permitted legally only under the following conditions. The workers has produced below-average performance over a longer period. He has produced less so for example either or made significantly more errors than the average of workers in the operation.

    The employee is to his personal skills to a better performance in the position. It has the Federal Labor Court (BAG of the 17.1.2008 2 AZR 536/06) once again pointed out. Basically, an employee of his contractual obligation is sufficient if he works under reasonable exploitation of his personal performance. It’s so not, what do the other workers in the operation. The longer-term significantly exceeded of the average error rate can be an indication that workers vorwerfbar violated his contractual obligations. Click Areva for additional related pages.

    In such a case, the workers in the dismissal process must explain that he has exhausted his personal ability to work despite this below-average performance. Succeed, the notice is void. In practice it will often had a big problem of the employer to represent the average performance of workers employed by him. Read additional details here: Andrew Cuomo. This applies anyway, if not in specific quantities produced, such as intellectual work. In the area of qualitative underperformance can be cancelled according to the Federal Labour Court not only on the frequency of the error. Here it is strongly in the individual case. Such activities are conceivable, where already a one-time mistake such far reaching consequences that has a termination-related breach of contract significantly more likely than other Errors (E.g. the pilot of an airliner who forgets the mandatory check of the refuelling of the aircraft). Against this background, a dismissal of an employee because of bad performance is while not unthinkable, but regularly connected to big trouble. Usually will need to be dunned off previously. Lawyer specializing in labour law Alexander Bredereck, Berlin-Mitte to the specialist lawyer tip workers: for cancellations due to bad performance is basically to advise workers to take legal action. In the case of the allegation of poor services, workers should take early legal assistance in claim. That occur more frequently through the emotional burden associated with the criticism bad services, or be provoked only shows in practice again and again. Specialist Attorney tip employers: employer, which has a high risk of litigation when a termination due to poor performance, should be inclined, the employment relationship by means of comparison and payment of appropriate compensation (RuleSet: half a gross monthly salary per) Employment year) to finish. A post by lawyer Alexander polymath, Berlin lawyer specializing in labour law

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