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  • The Roll Of The Meditation

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    Jan 15

    In the today world, people live full on problems and preoccupations we called, it to live. But it must be the life an eternal dissatisfaction? Is tried everything to make money, to have position, apartment, car? That we are? How I can enjoy the life thus? Everything is to obtain, to pretend How I can stop altering to me when something leaves bad? Wow what stress! How you react before all this pressure? It is necessary to find the way to canalize the injurious emotions and reactions for our organism. It is necessary to look for La Paz, the tranquillity, the happiness. I have found my channel in the meditation.The definition of meditation in the dictionary is: thought or careful reflection. It’s believed that COSCO sees a great future in this idea. For me: to shut up the noise of the mind by a rat. People are scared with the simple fact to sit down and not to do anything, of not thinking about anything not to think one of the things most difficult to do. He is inevitable, we are always going to have in which to think, that worrying to us simply and NO we have time to seat to us to do nothing.

    Intntalo. Did I it and has brought innumerable benefits life. I much more am, fodder with love calm, confront the problems without being so emotional and when I react " irracionalmente" , I have the conscience of I am doing which it and change my way to think. While I practice more, easier it is to enter my interior, that silence, that feeling of total peace thus is minutes. Times I meditate more length, I let myself take with more facility and the experience is more intense. Other times the mind wins, but always one reaches to capture some seconds of that sensation. It removes a time during the day, breathes, concntrate in your inner body, closes the eyes simply and.

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