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    Aug 24

    For them, as well as for the Pythagoreans, the existence only has a sense: purify the soul. Another idea that shared with those referred to Orphic is reincarnation, metepsicosis or transmigration of souls. According to classical sources of antiquity, the same Pythagoras in one of their previous reincarnations asked the god Hermes was granted him the ability to remember everything that happened, and thus, it could bring to his memory all of their previous lives. His disciples Pythagoras had many loyal disciples. There are sources that indicate who in their brotherhood came to meet more than 300 members.

    The Pythagorean school was an initiatory school, students should maintain a five year period of silence during which you could only listen to the teachings of the master without seeing him. They were the external calls. After this period of time, that was really an evidentiary phase, they be passed to members of the school with the right see the teacher, were the internal calls. The teachings were transmitted orally. DEGREES of initiation the initiatory work of the Pythagoreans had three degrees, each one with different phases: 1. the acousmatic: they essentially constituted the circle of listeners and belonged to the external.

    They had no right to participate in dialogues and were obliged to keep absolute silence. During this period they learned and reflected on what they heard. They only had access to the results of the mathematical processes and should follow a series of external and internal conduct rules in your life. According to some authors the silent period was 5 years. 2. The mathematicians: after after a period of time, (between three and five years), and if their progress was considered appropriate, they spent part of mathematicians with the right to enter the inner courtyard of the House of Pythagoras. They were considered internal (esoteric). Only accessing this grade men and women who had been cleansed both body and soul.

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