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    Aug 16

    It places his physical address and information of contact in each page. Once again he is transparent and being abierto about his identity and as it can be contacted. You do not have anything to hide, You Are not going to take the money from your clients and to close your Web site on the following day. Its direction Also adds structure to means (Internet), and for that reason a simple one sufficient nonserious post-office box. It is possible to be contacted to him by fax, fixed telephone, electronic mail and movable telephone? This information gives but Credibility him. 4.

    IT DOES NOT USE a gratuitous electronic mail or the service of lodging of his main site. Some say that the image of a business is it everything. That Can seem a little exaggerated, but you are not the one who secrees that is, but what the client perceives that You are. If He uses a service of gratuitous electronic mail like hotmail.com What says of you this? Has tanato Success, THAT Not even a service of electronic mail Can pay? The Majority of spammers Usan these accounts of gratuitous electronic mail, this gives another negotivo point him in his against. It can be better to use the account associated with the dominion of his Web site of payment. I believe that almost all the services of lodging Web OFFER accounts of mail MGP.

    5. To by hand have all data of its clients. When an internaut Appears in his Web site for the first time is as to go completely without information to an appointment.

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