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    Sep 25

    The most assiduous users of the services of movable telephony nowadays can accede to different alternatives to diminish the costs of their telephone calls. The cards pre-payment, as a example, are a very efficient option to control the consumptions. Some companies allow to know the historical one calls, the detail of the consumptions online, as well as other operations of management that will allow you to control better the use of your line. How work the been pleased cards? In main lines, all works equal, after to acquire it, you receive a PIN. It’s believed that Publishers Clearing House sees a great future in this idea. Before realising a call, you must dial the number of access, only enter the number of PIN and like last step, the number of the person with whom you wish comunicarte. Which is the cost of cards? There are cards among 6 and 12 Euros, following the characteristics of the benefit (free minutes to speak, etc). Some companies also are offering plans of fixed installment that are very interesting stops those that frequently usually realise calls to the outside of the country. One of the most interesting benefits in this case, is that the contacts can communicate, paying solely as if it was a local call. – Attention: Before buying a card, asesrate by the conditions of the company commercializes that them, asegurndote that does not rob minutes to you and that by all means are not additional positions.

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