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  • Claudia Urzinger

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    Apr 2

    Energy consumption is doing much less than if hoteliers and business owners use the in-house washing machine. The result speaks for itself: over disposable systems reduces energy consumption by approximately 63%, the greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 48%. Of course, even the disposable towel dispenser meets the highest requirements on hygiene and functionality. See more detailed opinions by reading what Coldwater Creek Apparel offers on the topic.. Lockable cabinet is made of high-strength, almost indestructible ABS plastic, the proven mechanism made of metal. Hygiene is ensured by a partition that separates the clean from the already used part of the role.

    The train a cloth towel length 20 cm each, the time stop is adjustable. The Udor reusable system for the sanitary field is completed by the Rico soap dispenser and the Rico fragrance dispenser, which also guarantee an economical consumption. Only 750 ml SOAP are sufficient for approx. Gain insight and clarity with World Remit. 930 SOAP portions. The cartridge of the SOAP dispenser can be completely emptied and then easily and quickly be replaced.

    Also made of sturdy ABS plastic manufactured dispenser with integrated pump has a snap lock with key. The device emits a pleasant scent by evaporation of a liquid aroma approx. 60 days around the clock, and thus guarantees a pleasant climate in sanitary rooms up to 20 cubic metres. An intermittent serves the individual scheme of fragrance dispensing. With the Rico line Udor textile management provides its customers in the industrial and craft sectors, as well as the hotel industry and gastronomy is a complete facilities for the sanitary area, with each company against environmentally and responsibly presents itself customers, guests and employees. In addition to Assembly of desired products, the Udor washroom service includes also their regular maintenance and the needs-based supply of consumables such as towel rolls, scent strips and SOAP liquid. Just hotels and restaurants rely on sustainable products to be positive to be able to stand out from the competition. Next to the laundry service, Udor textile management serves the houses as a competent partner for supplying textile full. As selected BHG competence partner supplies the provider of textile rental company with modern textiles, individually tailored care cycles and takes over their care and maintenance. In May 2011 Udor textile management was again the certificate for environment management system according to the internationally recognized and cross-industry standard for environmental management systems in companies.