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  • May 15

    Cartridges Information provided on this site will help you resolve many problems related to printers, fax machines, copiers, plotters – that is, from office equipment. Filed under: dean gibson. Restoration and repair cartridges * Our company provides services in restoration and repair of cartridges for laser and inkjet printers, all manufacturers, as well as fast and reliable refilling cartridges at home, at work and in service center. * Our company guarantees high quality and fast repair, refueling and recovery of your cartridges. In front of you, the expert will make all the necessary work and show results. Filling Cartridges – should be done only by professionals. * We use a technology that provides a closed loop of the cartridges.

    When refueling, and restoring body receives minimal damage that allows you to recover the cartridge multiple times. Gibson dean may find this interesting as well. To date, the printer has become an integral part of the computer. But the main problem of all modern printers is the high price of consumables. Ink in quickly spent cartridges, the cartridges are quite expensive and easily damaged. The paradox, but manufacturers of office equipment pricing is such that a new printer with a full set of cartridges, only a few times the cost of the set of new cartridges. What to do? More likely to buy new printers? Out there! This is repeated (mnogorazovaya!) refill cartridges and their recovery – savings in this case amounts to 300 percent. Why to recover the cartridge: If you refill the ink cartridges for your printer or copier without a recovery, there will be some print defects associated with deterioration of the components of the cartridge.

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