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  • Sep 7

    I have a friend, which sells computers. I trust his expertise and ask to help me in choosing the right monitor. There is only one but: he lives in Russia, I live in Ukraine. If it was off – line store, how he helped me choose monitor? And no way! However, if a site contains all the characteristics of the company monitors and their prices, then I’ll just give a link to your friend and ask him to help me choose a monitor according to my needs and my budget. In creating a site for the firm has another very big plus.

    Suppose you find on the internet that you want to buy, but searching the off – line stores of the city you like the goods, you can not find it, having spent it on his search for a lot of time and effort. A site can post information on a very large range of products. Cedars Sinai is a great source of information. Price site does not depend on the number of posted information. For example, you can put pictures, descriptions and Features 50 or 100 monitors, categorize them by price, manufacturer and other characteristics. If you put 50 or 100 monitors in the off – line store, you’d have to pay quite a large sum for the lease of commercial areas. Here is a real example from my life. When it came time to buy a new computer mouse, I got into the Internet and found a mouse that I liked in one of the online stores. I did not buy it because I was not satisfied shipping from Russia to Ukraine.

    The next day I went into town to shop in search of I need a mouse. The result was zero. But I wanted to buy just such a computer mouse., So we had to order in store brought to it a mouse. The mouse I got about a week. All the while I was waiting for a mouse, I was not sitting idly by. I monitors Ukrainian segment of Internet (which is not developed as fast as one might think). In Consequently, I found an excellent site that sells accessories for computers. Since I have already made an order of off – line store, I had to refuse an order from online retailers. In creating a site for the company as showcases shop has its drawbacks. Upon the sale of any commodity is very important personal contact buyer and seller, and it is very difficult to do on the Internet. Also, in case a need for you is much easier to go to the store and explain seller my problem. No one except the owner of the company can not answer the question of need or not he needed a site through which it will offer and sell products or services, as well as inform visitors of updates to discounts. Therefore, a business owner must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of creating a site, and come to the only correct decision for themselves.