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  • Aug 4

    Autumn time is the mental preparation accident and time setting on the hazards and weather conditions changing from summer to winter conditions, is more important than the technical preparation of the vehicle or dealing with the hazards of driving techniques. MentalLeis services has developed special training programs for advanced security, tested and evaluated. Read more here: Grace Venverloh. The innovative training program is partly a complement to parts but also in contrast to the traditional security and threat training. The winter hazards in the road, such as the typical changing extreme road conditions are not the traffic problem, but the human being. While the weather can suddenly change, motorists will need a longer period of adaptation.

    Not to the height of winter in January with freezing cold, frozen snow or mud weeks, weather, most accidents are to be expected, but now in November to beginning of cold with rain, leaf storm, and first frost. After If the results of the Federal Statistical Office in 2006 on Germany’s roads 5.094 killed people and were 421.700 injured. In December 2006 alone, the police in Germany registered 199,000 road accidents, 3.4% less than in December 2005 according to preliminary results. Among them were 26,000 accidents with person injury (+ 5.6%). Go to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more information. There were 433 people, 7.2% more than in the corresponding month of the previous year. 34.200 others (+ 6.1%) were injured. (Source: Federal Statistical Office) And anyone who believes that a completed driver training was now available in the spring, in which he has trained rudimentary emergency responses is wrong. Long-term studies and experience show that road users do not always practice and who does that are rest not typically able to emerge safely from an actual emergency situation.

    We know not all feel, which pretends to a conventional training to be better and better to drive. It is seductive. The Traffic psychology, this phenomenon is called the subjectivity in the security.