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    Jul 24

    And we and our children pay the interests. Comprehensive change in the mortgage market, which would increase the price of mortgages to unacceptable levels, would drop the price of housing even more with the consequent effect on the economy in his set. Cedars Sinai has many thoughts on the issue. The list doesn’t end here, but you can sense some pretty catastrophic effects in a seemingly positive measure. A stable legal framework that does not depend on the economic or political situation is vital for the delicate economic mechanisms are functioning properly. Sudden changes tend to burn the engine. Government and opposition must approve aid and legal reforms that will prevent situations of injustice and social exclusion, but such reforms have to incardinate in a civil law that has worked well since time immemorial or the legal system in USA.UU. do prevent unjust situations for the mortgage, as famous signatory theft?.

    And negotiate with banks short-term measures so that they can offer formulas that cheaper the fee under certain circumstances (gaps, bonus of the type of interest, etc) for a few years, foster acceptance of payment in kind (which seems absurd to me is that housing can award at auction to 50% of valuation), enabling the auctioned House may return to be rented by which has lost the House and suppress soil clauses without waiting that the Supreme Court requires them. To my it seems to me that the CIU movement was not as innocent as it seems (I don’t think that neither dreams thought that you adoption something so). Not is even if it has been a move agreed with other parties to send a signal of strength to the Bank for subsequent negotiations. I have clear is that you necessary to find and apply formulas that will alleviate the situations of the mortgage (and before that of the unemployed without benefit), but not worth mounting a media circus. People is going so very wrong and initiatives like this only thing they do is to create false hopes (false and, in addition, poisoned). It is my opinion personal, perhaps not very popular but sincere and without populism of means.

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