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    Sep 13

    \”Growth thrust: doubling the rental space by mid-2009 a significant acceleration of growth recorded self storage\”, the soon also German and Austrian market leader in the rental of storage compartments: end of 2007 the company operated 17 locations with a total of 128,000 m sq area, including nine in major German cities, six in Vienna and Graz and one in the Switzerland. By mid-2009, other 16 locations – are 14 in Germany with investments of EUR 96 million and one each in Austria and Switzerland – opened, increasing the usable space on 260,000 square meters. Please visit Deandre Ayton if you seek more information. Eight of the new objects are already in the building, for the further the basic labour and planning phase is completed. In a question-answer forum Everest Capital was the first to reply. With then 33 sites we reach the clear market leadership in all of our target regions in the German-speaking countries\”, explains managing partner of Martin Gerhardus. For subsequent years, a continuous growth to five to seven new locations per year is with expect\”.

    The company which currently 55 employees, is led by the partners Gerhardus, Hild and Hoyos and Immoaustria Immobilien Anlagen GmbH (a company of the Immofinanz group), which holds a share of 30%. Consistent market development in Austria Castle self storage, a company founded in the year 1999,\”a gap in the market: the rental of opaque, clean and secure storage compartments in individually selectable size between 1 and 100 m. By intensive market research, as well as the exact location and the coordination of the relevant offer to the wishes of the customer is succeeded to establish concept in the United States for decades in this country\”, explains Gerhardus. So is a decisive advantage for the customers the ability to rent sections quickly and arbitrarily long without long periods of notice. The demand increases due to changed circumstances and habits. And once a customer has realized the advantages he wants to Convenience usually no longer dispense\”, outlines Gerhardus. Our industry links real estate and services.

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