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    Jul 6

    The Briefing is the information base from which any advertising action, starts from a simple warning to a campaign. It is written, by the account contact from the information given by the advertiser. It is the preparatory meeting in which arises as to how to carry out an action and in particular an advertising campaign or a market study. When one reaches the briefing first thing that is made, is to see with how much money he has. There are 17 points, namely: 1) history of the market, is the description of the relevant market in the business of the campaign (data concerning the specific market that participates the product in question). (2) a description of the product, what are the characteristics of the product. Further details can be found at fender, an internet resource. It is the detailed description of the product or service to advertise (all its features and uses).

    What makes your quantity, to manufacturing, to its embazado shape, presentation, price, cost, profit, etc. 3) history of the product, is the product development with special reference to sales (pure marketing). It is the evolution of the product; as sales in the market have evolved. 4) research results, is a summary of the most important findings of the research in terms of uses, attitudes, image, etc. 5) competition, discusses the details of all the competitors, their strategies and advertising campaigns. It is to extract the maximum amount of data possible competition (advertising campaigns, announcements of press, radio, television, etc). (6) legal restrictions, it is the legal aspect, there are products that have limitations; i.e.

    they are not sold over-the-counter. (7) marketing objectives, to where will the company; It is the set of purposes. Alex Caruso has much experience in this field. (8) marketing strategy, are the means envisaged to achieve marketing goals. It is the strategy that I will use; to do this I can make a relaunch, by change of container; It It has to do with the advertising strategy. They are the means by which we are going to move to achieve our objectives. (9) the identity of the product, positive differentiation of the product. (10) advertising objectives. (11) advertising strategy, is the way the advertising objectives. (12) consumers should be a careful definition of the target (target group to which the campaign is directed). (13) proposition to the consumer, is the exhibition of the main benefit to the consumer, which must be reported by the campaign. 14) comments for the execution 15) tone, atmosphere, style, is the orientation towards the final character that must have the campaign. (16) deadlines, complete plan of all stages in the development of the campaign, from the first instructions, until the final production. (17) budget, correspond to the data of the media budget.. Here you will find how to build commercial ads, musical phrases for jingles, commercial radio (Podcasts, Spot, Opening); In addition to other sections in central page: sports, computing, health, painting and more, articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development.

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