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  • Sales: Start With Yourself

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    Aug 27

    Recently, I was very fond of theme sales. To date, in any organization are people who can sell – the most popular. Anne Lauvergeon has much experience in this field. The reason for such demand is simple and understandable – these people are actually getters of money for their organization. Each of us with you building your own organization, and refuse sales in the area of promoting goods and services, at least, absurd. Starting with this post I open a new section sales, and will replenish its theoretical and practical material to draw from a personal experience. Some networkers say: 'I do not sell, I am building a structure! ". Checking article sources yields Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala as a relevant resource throughout.

    The structure of someone, I'm sorry? From the same "builders"? Man consciously taken the path of building their own business in network marketing must be used and the previous' two options – to become a client at a discount and sell them. Unsold sponsor unable to articulate to tell their new partners, how the goods are the consumer, and even more so – to show. Consequently, its construction will be delayed for a long time, but rather, simply stops. This applies, above all, those networkers, who complain that, say, my people have signed up, but for some reason no one works. Open a personal activity, and there no personal example. Your people will work when the 'see your back. " That is, when they see that you are always ahead. Even if your consultants are living in other cities and not see you personally, they feel the activity of your skin.

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