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    Aug 16

    And that very small being always decided or to awake or to want milk or to become right poop at the moment at which I finished warming up myself or cooking my food. But horror! , it could not only eat my hot meal but also that the idyllic plans that it had to spend my days during my license of maternity were in front, because the situation as well as that of idyllic did not have absolutely anything. Before being mother it terrified to me to listen to friendly histories that had been mothers here in England, where alive, and said that they sometimes did not have time nor to eat; I thought am not possible that, am only a baby and the babies eat, sleep and to change to the diaper to them. For this reason, as I thought that in my case everything was going to be different (ilusa I), during the last months of pregnancy I was thinking about all the things that were going to do while it was of license of maternity like to order hills of papers; to read all the Rolling Stones, Black Label and other magazines that it had by odd habit to buy and to leave half (and in addition they occupied a great part of the bookseller in the quarter of my future daughter); to read several pending books that tapeworm; to see piles of films; to order old photos; and to go to all the museums or galleries that had still not been able to visit. In addition, surely it was going to be able to do Hums in house and to have time for me because total, the baby would sleep, eat and soil diapers. Although it knew that the first months were going to be tired, it thought (again, ilusa I) that I was also going to be a little as to be of vacations and was going to be able to make many things that never I could do when it was working (eye, the one of which the maternity license is like being of vacations still is assumed by many papacitos and has generated many apostatized in this pechito and other friendly that I know).

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