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  • Ralf Simer

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    Apr 19

    A beautiful idea Invitations, which are under a motto. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dell. Your guests can be like Italian or Spanish dinner (pasta all you can eat”or a giant paella). Also the day at the sea”seafood or a spring walk” with light salads, chicken and rice probably raise enthusiasm. In the summer you can not simply invite for grilling. “How would it be if your guests a personal invitation to the Texas drive in” get? The table is covered appropriately to emphasize your ideas, your motto. Whether with Italian flags and gondolas, small bulls and Bullfighters, shells, fishing nets, delicate ditzy and organza fabrics or southern state flags and a cowboy hat.

    A menu and place cards with matching motifs round out your evening adventure. A small invitation to a cosy evening with security remains so long in memory. Ring cushion as a symbol of your love for your wedding for many couples who prepare your wedding, begs the question: How do we present our rings at best the character of our bond -? A nice way to give a proper place this important symbol is a ring pillow. These cushions are made specifically for this purpose, small treasures. Adorned with beads, Rhinestones, ribbons, or on the bouquet are tuned flowers.

    The material is elected mostly matching the wedding dress. So you get white or Bordeaux cushions in Champagne. The rings are attached by means of belts. On the way, ring pillows be worn mostly by children to the altar. A child, whom you can entrust the rings can be found in every family. Should it be not the case, it can take even the best man / the maid of honor. On the back of the ring pillow, a small loop is located, so that small children’s hands or nervous best man hands can bring your rings securely to the altar. So, a due place is given the symbol of your love. Ralf Simer – Dorsten

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