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    Dec 27

    Portrait professional works even if there is more than one face on the screen. So you can quickly improve also shots of couples or groups. Opportunities for improvement with portrait professional: Portrait professional performs a series of typical processing steps of a professional portrait retouching in addition to the General face beautification. Everything else must be edited by an expert in painstakingly, does portrait professional as saying. Fix blemishes like pimples and redness: Portrait Professional detects and automatically reduces pimples and blemishes. The software finds even freckles and can weaken them or removing them. Remove wrinkles or reduce: with portrait professional wrinkles, redness and other blemishes can selectively be removed or reduced. The original skin integrity is maintained.

    The appearance of the skin of the whole body can Edit: so, portrait professional holiday – or fashion shoots in swimwear or nude photos is used. Remove red eyes eye color adjust or completely change, sharpen the eyes and the delicate area around the eyes and brighten the white of the eye. Glanz-, reduce on the skin in a welding or other highlights: disturbing highlight areas on the skin reduces automatically portrait professional. Vary the hair color and improve the appearance of hair generally change exposure: adjusts the exposure of the face using simple controls to make faces more attractive. Shadows can be brightened, exposure, saturation and color temperature of the entire image can be edited. Teeth and eyes light up: teeth and eyes are brightened up automatically.

    The level of illumination and the extension of the to lightening can be adjusted. Lip shape and color, and expression of the mouth optimize face shape change: Portrait Professional is the only photo editing software with the features and proportions if necessary can be altered and embellished by slider. More settings: there are various presets, which allow the user with a single click to achieve certain results. Your own presets can be saved as desired and apply with a single click. Technical details portrait Professional is available and supported in German by default JPEG and TIFF images. For photographers who need RAW support and files with 16 bits per color channel to use, is portrait professional Studio available. The face to be edited can be edited frontal or up to a portrait shot recorded. Portrait professional and portrait professional Studio are compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista or Intel Mac with OSX 10.4 or higher. Portrait professional prices including VAT is available as a download version for a price of 49.95 euro. Portrait professional Studio with the support 89.95 including VAT costs for RAW files and 16 bits per color channel. The boxed version is available in well-stocked stores for 49.95 euro or 99.95 euro including added value tax. Is the program designed for mother’s day from May 1 to 10 with 10% discount available, why so great pleasure do not the mother or Grandma with a small, chic portrait? Trial a free trial version is available at. Only caveat is that edited portraits can not be saved or printed. Refer to for more information.

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