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    Dec 31

    Now they are all compact and clearly laid out in an area called desktop”grouped together where they are can at any time click on and open. On request of many users of the previous version offers Sydatec personal desktop v3 now also direct system maintenance: all system maintenance tools are long conveniently from the desktop to achieve without detours. There remains space for really important things. For example, the Windows interface directly to the work can be used without having to open one of the many installed programs only cumbersome. The Sydatec personal desktop displays notes, tasks, calendar, and a notification of new emails directly on the work surface. But work is only half of life, and the other half should stand out as aesthetic and beneficial from the gray of everyday life. Therefore, the favorite music with the MP3 player widget directly from the desktop can be controlled now. And with the new Pocket Web the user can place popular Web pages directly on the desktop.

    In addition, Sydatec personal desktop v3 continues the so-called slideshow”in the heart of the action. Instead of forgotten in some folder on drive E: or F: to be let here consider the many digital photos, which has probably shot everyone in the last few years or sent to get, in an automated rotation procedures. Who has himself not already annoyed that he missed important news from around the world for breeding tasks and documents, whether the 1:0-victory of the favorite club or the whirlwind, who surprisingly hits? Sydatec personal desktop v3 users going to happen little more. They can talk at any time, provided that they sit on the computer. “Because a so-called RSS-reader” she connects with the world outside. With this useful helpers subscribe messages by the media of their confidence in the Internet by mouse click and their latest messages now have on request always on your desktop at a glance.

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