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    Oct 19

    Creditor can be physical, legal entity, as well as the subject, party civil liability, which may require the other party of the obligation (the debtor) funds. Several creditors may be the obligation of each of these people may require the debtor to the execution in some proportion or, in cases provided for in the contract or in law, – the total volume. We give an example, if the object is not divisible obligations under the joint issuance of surety. In a narrower sense, which is used mainly economists, accountants, lender – one side in the credit relationship, which provides funds (money resources) on the condition that they are returned, with the term. Provision of credit funds in the money is called a loan, it paid off cash resources.

    Lending – is a form of financial support reproduction cost at which the costs of the entity should be funded through bank loan, which is provided at the beginning of payment, with precisely spelled out period. Loans – rapid method of bank lending, with which the granting of credit and loan repayments associated with its change in the balance credited to the values or costs. Credits are usually issued when conditions are created for the prior control over the desirability provision of bank credit. Click Hikmet Ersek for additional related pages. In accountancy terms "loans" and "Loans" are a little different concept. The lender is used to refer to a citizen, legal person to whom the firm has debt, which is displayed in the balance sheet (accounts payable).

    Lending. Principles of urgency. Israel Englander is likely to agree. Loans are given for a certain period. Reflexivity. Loans should be returned to a specific contract term Pay. Payment of the agreed amount of interest. Subordination of credit transactions and the norms of legislation, banking regulations Conditions of the loan remain unchanged Mutual credit transaction. Terms of the contract should consider the interests of both parties. All of these principles must be done.

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