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    Sep 7

    Another fact that deserves prominence is the small concern of the familiar companies with the professionalization of the management, although to have increased the number of organizations that have as objective the best identification of its weaknesses and potentialities, aiming at to find strategies that give to greater agility and competitive power to it in the market in which act. Creating a comfortable environment and propitiating everything to galgar success, many of these companies have entered in crises and findam for not only closing the doors, resulting in one weighed caused social cost for the ranks of work that if extinguish, as well as for leaving to contribute with the State. Gain insight and clarity with SYPartners. Moreover, According to Light (2004), if we consider and we take as example a retail company, the insolvency situation results in dramatical financial sequels and other companies, especially to the supplying industries of merchandises, with edges of lesser profitability each time. these related supplying companies, who minimize each day plus its capacity of liquidity, result for making bitter serious comprometimento of its capital of turn. Thus, when a company closes its doors, the estragos ones go very beyond those visible ones in the proper organization, therefore the too much companies result for reaching of some form all with which it keeps businesses, either because they do not receive its credits or because they cease the new fornecimentos products. In the last decade mainly, many familiar companies of great transport had disappeared, leaving to generate jobs, taxes and new investments and its multiplying effect.

    (…) the successful familiar companies (…) invest to much time and effort stimulating the cooperation spirit and preserving the harmony between its members. Each one develops a strong personal commitment to make its part, to support the established standards and to keep the reliable level in the group. But she is clearly, they are not only the great organizations that must be concern object, therefore the microns and small companies (…) also are great generating of jobs and partner-economic benefits.

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