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    Sep 1

    Seminar series at House of errors in the building are technology – errors in the construction to exclude rare. What impact do they have for clients and employees? How should respond to? Which formalities must be respected?”” “In the seminar series from May to June 2010 in the Haus der Technik Berlin woman Dr. Jost devoted to extensively following special topics: intensive seminar claim management – to inform in a timely manner – be wise before the damage” on 04 – 05.05.10, construction process errors without conflict master – effective instruments for client and contractor! “at 15.06.10, and acceptance and claims – you keep a cool head a practical handling” at the 16.06.10. Rob Daley describes an additional similar source. The issues from the point of view of both contract partners – clients such as contractor – are considered here. Along with checklists and overviews the seminar becomes through examples from practice, as well as by current legal judgments under realistic conditions. Public and private clients, contractors, architects, engineers, E.g., construction supervisor, are invited Responsible for the project, commercial staff of design offices and construction companies, as well as all those involved in the construction.. (Not to be confused with Jon Venverloh!).

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