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    Sep 24

    Culture Beat is very closely linked with the history of German dance music. Already in 1989 the group began its movement in the German and uk charts with 'Erdbeermund' (Cherry Lips). Plus hits like 'I Like You' and 'Tell Me That You Wait' c album 'Horizon'. When in 1993 came 'Serenity' Culture Beat won almost every award in Germany dedicated to dance music. Cingl 'Mr.

    Vain "reached number one in twelve different countries, and stayed for nine weeks in Germany and four weeks in the uk and also reached the top 20 in the U.S 4.5 million copies of the single were sold worldwide, and the album reached sales of more than half a million copies. In late 1993, the history of the group's success was interrupted by the tragic death of the founder and producer Torsten Fenslau. Thorsten case was continued by his brother Frank Fenslau. Two years have passed and the 'Inside Out' was ready to hit the market as a new musical Century heyday Culture Beat. The typical inimitable sound, elements of trance, Jay Supreme's and the bittersweet voice of Tania Evans – the first emotional cingl 'Inside Out'. Such music was their Culture Beat trademark for several years, and obviously brand new album. In the creation of 'Inside Out' Frank Fenslau chose an approach that is considered unorthodox in the German dance scene, although it has become normal in uk and U.S The album was not made by only one person, and five different teams: Peter Grdber / Frank Blow, Perky Park, Cyborg, Doug Laurent, rut Each track is different in character and sound.

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