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  • Fruity Cheesecake Recipe

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    Apr 11

    INGREDIENTS: puff pastry filling refrigeradoCrema iron base:1: 150 Gr. azucarla peel of a lemon (yellow part only) 200 gr. cream liquida200 Gr. cheese type Philadelphia1 maicena4 huevos50 Gr. Mantequilladecoracion tablespoon: 5 or 6 fresones3 kiwis1 Platanoglaseado: 100 gr.

    azucar100 Gr. agua2 tbsp juice lemon ELABORACION:base: precalentamos oven to 180. We stretch the iron of puff pastry in the oven tray, cut strips of 3 or 4 centimeters wide and place it on the edges of the dough, punctured the base of the cake with a fork (only the base, not the edges) and pincelamos with egg (I have not done it) introduce in the oven until the edges rise and begin to Brown.Filling: put in the very dry Thermomix Bowl sugar and set 30 seconds, progressive speed 5-10. Add lemon peel thoroughly dry and set 1 minute speed 5-10. We add to the jar all remaining filling ingredients and programmed 7 minutes 100 speed 4 (if all the ingredients are cold from the fridge We add two minutes more). Let cool and pour over the dough once cold cream and pasta.Glaze: thoroughly rinse the jar and put the glaze ingredients. Programmed 10 minutes, varoma temperature 2 speed (I have done so in a small saucepan in the vitro).Assembly and decoration: while the glaze is made Peel fruits and depart in thin slices and we go by placing them on cream of cookie cutter shape. (you can use other fruits, which we like most). Paint the cake with icing, covering the fruit well and leave in the fridge until serving time. (mine did a few kilometers before serving.) Source: Recipes Thermomix, other original author recipes and source of the article.

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