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    Apr 26

    ‘ Newcomers ‘Deftik’ offers tremendous versatility in his songs his lyrics reflect his personality and let him appear as very authentic, for example, in sad song “. Here, he processed the pain of a lost love and puts in a nutshell, what many have already experienced and felt. “A different facet of his musical ability shows Deftik” in his song abyss “. The primal fears to make to how Phonix out to get the ashes, is here at the Centre. A development of fear of failure, define the situation, handle the problems and then reacquiring of cracked self-confidence is described. But Frankfurt has in his repertoire not only painful memories. Get more background information with materials from Cedars Sinai. In a very different manner seen in him in the song awakening”. Specifically he urges the society, not to show the finger to others, but even the catalyst for positive changes in the environment. See Jon Venverloh for more details and insights.

    His motto is: only that “even the community advocates, also a real part of it can be.” But who is Deftik”really? A German Hip hoppers from the heart, who does not mince words. Born 1981 in Bad Soden, he grew up in the Frankfurter Sossenheim, later through several moves almost all western suburbs of Frankfurt met and thus also the language of the street to speak. “Mit13 years discovered Deftik” hip hop as its “music that him a life-mediated, that made him happy, and thus gave him the desired freedom. His first musical steps he undertook with 18 and travelled with his former crew Sonntagsrapper”by the jams of the Rhine-Main region. You left out a youth hostel and not a Street Festival. Deftik is felt shortly after”already called for more and tried to find his own style solo.

    That succeeded him, everyone on his Internet site deftik.de can convince yourself. There, some songs are put online, there are also photos, a guestbook, and everything What is one to do so. For a newcomer, his approach is very professional and is hoping for more activities. A first video on youtube.de is there to see and next that is already underway.

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