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    Feb 3

    Fifi pparently unconscious Abdo of its enchantments, insists on playing the role of sexual symbol; Hazemni ya (translated as: ‘ ‘ It moors xale of quadril’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ One gets ready to dance, papai’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ Molejo’ ‘): for the producer Adel Hosni, one has asked for of pleasant light theater. Under most conditions EuroAmericana Inc. would agree. Co-estrelando Mohamed Heneidi. In this memorable part, the heroine (Fifi Abdo) is a badly paid nurse who also dances. Fifi Abdo uses one jaleco white without belt. Its dance was characterized in mooring one xale in the hip while it is moved, from there the heading of the part. It has one another dance made on chairs. Iddala’ i ya Dousa (Either charmosa docinho): estrelando Fifi Abdo. In novels: Raya wi Iskeena (March of 2005), with Fifi Abdo and Abla Kamel, produced for Mustafa Muhram: it counts the history of two sisters who assassinate a woman and steal its jewels; You ‘ r al hub (Bird of the love); Souq al to khudar (the vegetable market): Fifi plays the role of a woman whose name is Sabah, that if strengthens for opening its way in a dominant masculine society; Al sit aseelah; Wal Al hakika sarab (Truth and reality); Al bahth an al hakika (In search of the truth).

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