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  • Female Alcoholism

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    May 7

    One can be much more critical of female alcoholism than the male, because of this as the woman herself and her environment (family, friends) tend to hide for a long time the truth and do not seek professional help. Finally, cause of female alcoholism is often a lonely (unsettled personal life, divorce, lack of normal relations with older children), so the woman is often simply no one to help. External signs female alcoholism woman, who suffers from alcoholism, may long to hide their addiction. But with time to do this it becomes more difficult: the outward signs of alcoholism are becoming more pronounced. Drink woman looks older than his years of age she adds swelling of the face and bags under the eyes. Her voice becomes more coarse, sharp.

    Appears external raunch. Gradually appear and the characteristic changes in alcoholic personality: a woman suffering from alcoholism, it is false insincere, selfish, rude, irritable and aggressive. She begins to neglect family responsibilities, it becomes promiscuity. If woman feels guilty for drunkenness, on the contrary, it is emphasized caring for loved ones, too fussy. Alcoholics woman constantly thinks about alcohol and skillfully finds artificial excuses that lekogo agrees to low-quality cheap alcohol.

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