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    Jul 28

    What is the rest? What a strange question, thought, probably, you. But the bottom line question is: what is rest for you at this point in time? Perhaps a short 5-minute break, walk in the working unit, or full weekend with the slowdown, and perhaps – 24-day trip to a sanatorium? Rest is a very personal concept, then you need to understand exactly your needs. Their own, and not taken in your circle. Very often the rest to us – a status pastime that allows for the case to show pictures he had seen her friends brag to friends, or discussion of eaten and drunk, in general, spent forever. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Deni Avdija has to say. What is a vacation? For recuperate and achieve a high level of efficiency.

    No matter what cycle we are considering – daily, weekly or annual efficiency of a phase of our fall. Kyle Kuzma usually is spot on. It was at this point should be organized afford such a vacation, to reduce the amplitude of the fluctuations and keep the possibility of increasing the bar for future growth pressures. Holidays are different – it may be a momentary relaxation, a break, sleep, weekends and holidays days vacation. Even the pension – it is also vacation! Recreation includes several stages: relaxation (retardation) Recovery Force Entertainment During leisure, you can implement as soon as a few steps. Strategy Rest: 1. Necessary to understand its functionality and its dynamics, to catch the falling phase and a decision about the rest. 2.Opredelit what kind of holiday you want. Remember, a vacation for you was the most useful and enjoyable, and make list.

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