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    Sep 7

    The government of Ecuador on the other hand, implemented a series of measures to restrict the external purchases in US$ 1,453 million elevating the tariffs and implementing import quotas. It is due to the fort deterioration waited for in the external accounts of the country that could have an impact in the real economy when being the dolarizada economy and depend on the currency generation to maintain the monetary supply. On the decision of Ecuador, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, Luis Guillermo Silver said: Ecuador also worries to me because it removed a resolution where it says that it, that is to say, has a problem of balance of payments that is not going to have money to pay its imports and that affects to all the countries . nformation. The problems in the external sector repel in the Colombian economy and produce fear in the population that prepares itself for difficult times. It is so the industrial production descended in Colombia a 13.3% in inter-annual terms in the month from November from 2008, whereas the retail sales decreased a 2.95%, according to finishes presenting in the present week. But besides the problems by the deceleration in the external demand and the fall in the internal demand (smaller investment and minor consumption), the Colombian economy will have to support to the deterioration of its fiscal accounts product of smaller income and the necessity to take ahead a greater fiscal cost to avoid the deepening of the economic deceleration brought about by the external crisis. At the moment in Colombia a new package is being elaborated anticrisis that mainly estimates a consistent erogacin of US$ 24,500 million in infrastructure investments. In this way it is tried to preserve the use and to generate new jobs. The goals of the consolidated fiscal deficit and the Central Government were extended to 1.8% of Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) and to a 3.2% of the GIP, respectively.

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