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    Apr 23

    and a P – zone where there was an underground bunker and a bunker. It is surrounded by a high-voltage safety system in the 5000V flow. Net Energy Metering is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From the bunker the reserve antenna carrier to its anchor points on driving lorries would be rolled to hear but it not there. At times of the GDR there was either a U – or P – zone. The property was subdivided in the accommodation and freezing, as well as a technical zone, the voltage was a multiple of 5000V in the high-voltage fuse system under certain circumstances. “Only for 2 minutes (in the whole movie) feels reminds the viewer of the film title, becomes the reason for the establishment of the tropospheric message system of electromagnetic impulse as a result of a nuclear detonation BARS” explains. In connection with the high temperatures of a nuclear detonation, the purpose, the tasks of the installed cooling system of the bunker remains unexplained. The actual Reason for the installation of the system, the threat of possible war between the military blocs of NATO and of the Warsaw Treaty as a result of the effects of the NATO of missile double decision remains unmentioned.

    For this, the system is as absolutely secure and not become”(literally in the comment). What a sensation!, the tropospheric radio connection is also not safe and just become like any other connection. The security is relative and depends on other factors. The system will at the same time JJ message technical service provider for the Admiralty bunker”in Tessin-gland joke explains for the Admiralty of the people’s Navy of East Germany, but also the United red banner fleet (literally the comment) represents a command post. News technically made sure of the message Regiment of the people’s Navy is the main command post (HGS) of the people’s Navy in Ticino and only the people’s Navy of the GDR, meant.

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