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    Aug 14

    Dogel IT-management has published the release of EVALAZE tech preview 0.9 Halle/Saale, 02.Dez.2010. After the successful release of the tech preview of Evalaze in June 2010, Dogel IT-management is the next major step now. The version 0.9 of the Evalazers, the in-house and first German development in the area of Applicationvirtualization was released on 24 November 2010. In addition to increased application compatibility, especially the enhanced support of the WinSxS DLLs should be emphasised. All Office Drudge now using Evalaze 0.9 among others multiple access versions side by side can run, no matter which target system. On this way, a smooth migration to Windows 7 is no longer a problem. This new version’s main focus is in addition to significant improvements in performance and stability of virtualized applications, increased compatibility in the following areas: compatibility with Windows 7 support all programs a WinSxS technology use (E.g. Office 2007/2010; Safari 5) also a virtual application can up to 1900 MB be large without requiring a separate container file must be created.

    For the first time, also support for virtual services is integrated. It is now possible to run a service in a virtual environment without administrator rights. Thus, this service loads not the system, as he is not firmly installed. Test the brand new version of Evalaze exclusive! It is now downloadable on Evalaze.de ready. Home users can make free use of Evalaze. Yourself in our video themselves and see how can parallel start multiple versions of Excel. The video release of the tech preview 0.9 “(german) can be found here: vimeo.com/17183402 the video release of the tech preview 0.9” (English) can be found here: vimeo.com/17208890 Dogel IT-management is a 2005 company, which specializes in the development and sales & support by qualified software solutions. The sales network covers Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland and covers therefore among other things the entire Speaking off.

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