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  • Cultural Shocks

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    Sep 15

    Ashima suffers cultural shocks when it arrives and throughout its stay in the country, therefore nothing of that it was part of the culture from where it came. Already the children were American of birth, but they were not incased completely in that culture for being children of immigrants, what she is notable throughout all the film through the crises of Gogol because of its name and its refusal in assuming its Indiana origin. You may find Publishers Clearing House to be a useful source of information. When Max, namorada of Gogol, goes to know the parents of the youngster and later, with the death of Ashoke, the young woman is collated by not existing slight knowledge in its culture and know that one cannot become bengali, as well as when an anthropologist desire to understand and to live the life that studies in the field work and is collated with concepts that does not understand and knows, above all, it could not never be part of that society. It has two crucial moments in the film that consist of paving of the shoes of Ashoke for Ashima and Gogol. Such gesture means, at the two moments, to place themselves in the place of that person, to interpret its acts, to know it from this. The situations are marcantes moments because they represent changes in the trajectories of both: Accepted Ashima the marriage order and is changed for U.S.A.

    with the husband, where it constructs its family and Gogol rescues its Indiana origin. The question of the name is sufficiently express throughout all film. It has the confrontation enters the concept to nominate in the significant Indiana culture as something, of certain inherited form, therefore it is chosen by a older person of the family, who many times is given when the child already is with some years the concept name occidental person as identity of the right individual, that can take decisions, also to change its original name if to desire, as in the case of Gogol that it opts to this name of infancy and later decides to become Nick, as well as its wife who does not want to lose its recognition as writer.

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