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  • Creating a Market Presence

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    Jan 28

    Market presence: It is good to know that took market share, either by volume or by geographic area, this is a fact that added to the other, will determine the importance of future customer. Power of payment: Factor determining the risk index is directly related over time where the payment is made, longer-term higher risk, shortest time accordingly lower risk. Sometimes it is better to earn less but charge more to earn more and shorter than in long-term financing. This depends exclusively on the level of risk you want to take each company. BENEFITS As a first step is to reduce costs of representation have a dealer or salesman who cycle through the different cities is the cost of the vehicle, food, accommodation and of course the commission to be charged for sales and collections.

    The telemarketing sales or telemarketing is a much cheaper alternative real and which is being applied with increasing frequency in business. This alternative is clearly a new way of direct marketing and conforms to the reality of times of “lean.” Telemarketing is a true sales tool and very competitive and although there are some critics who mention that a call can be considered intrusive or disruptive, I personally believe, however, if you know properly applied this tool, you can contact directly with the customer. A good telemarketing use its power to persuade and pave the way, sometimes rough, to get there directly to the client and clarify any doubts or concerns you may have about the properties or characteristics of the product or service offered as well as the company itself, not forgetting that it is also an advertising medium. Telemarketing can solve at the same time options that make the procedure involves the sale itself, such as: the promotion itself, the frequency or consequence of televisita, receiving purchase orders or requests, complaints or suggestions, consumer care, coordination of operations or delivery, after sales services TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT The warmth, serenity, clarity on the concepts of dialogue and conversation are key. If you want to customize the sale is ideal for getting interviews well-organized and useful.

    In each contact offer and highlight the benefits that will talk with our product or service. Always remember that telemarketing is usually a pre-sale, as well as traditional sales here also takes time, not rushing the sale, so much as a hint of forced hasty, phone is something irritating. Always have an ace up his sleeve in order to improve the price, condition, term or time of delivery or something that gives her some extra benefit to the customer. Finally: it is communication as I leave a little phrase that I found a book of dr. Lair Ribeiro and I have always present: the way of saying things is as important as what we want to communicate and the manner or way they manifest can alter the meaning of words.

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