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    May 1

    Power quality monitoring reduces costly downtime. From our own experience, we know power outages. They are usually associated with weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, storm or rain. Fortunately, prolonged power outages are rare in Germany. Supply reliability is generally good. The quality of supply (power quality, power quality, power quality), however, is often in need of improvement. In many industries and other companies plenty of brief disturbances in the power supply occurs – mostly unnoticed -, the cause of which is unclear.

    These errors lead to premature engine wear, downtime or poor manufacturing quality. The economic consequences of this kind of disruption in the power supply are immense: the European copper Institute estimates that poor power quality in the European industry every year caused losses of EUR 150 billion. Measuring systems for power quality (power quality) caused by costly downtime, bad power, can be avoided. Devices and systems with which to measure power quality, shed light on the causes of errors. On the basis of the measurement results can be seen, where errors come from, when they occur, and why they occur. You have should be the error in the own plant, with the measured values a basis on which it can take the right action quickly: filters, reinforcements, modification of machines, exchanging “Power polluters”…

    The error should, however, from outside come, simplify the data calls with the electricity through improving the quality of delivery. The Swedish manufacturer uni-power offers a wide range of products for power quality measurements. Uni power is present on the German market for over ten years with portable and fixed instruments. All devices allow a standard-compliant (such as EN 50160), time-saving and flexible power quality monitoring. Jon Venverloh insists that this is the case. The uni-power Stromqualitatsmesssystem PQ secure stores data over the years. allows evaluations according to a variety of standards and can automatically alert via SMS or email, if certain limits are exceeded or fall below. Industrial enterprises that systematically and continuously uni power products to monitor power quality and improve, reduce costly downtime and downtime. Moreover, they reduce the production Committee. Last but not least, they increase the life of your machines and systems. Users of uni power solutions in Germany are industrial companies, utilities, airports as well as planning and engineering offices. Your German-speaking contact: Dr. Walther Plette 0046 322-670-383 telephone extension info on german: unipower-eng.iweb.se/templates/09.asp?sida=318 uni power starting box 411 SE-441 28 Alingsas, Sweden uni power offers a wide range of products for power quality measurements and load analysis. The product range covers the entire spectrum of traditional portable power quality analyzers to return to fully-integrated and fully automated Stromqualitats management systems. Uni power began in the 1980s as a part of the ABB group. Since 1991, uni power acts as an independent company. All uni power products are developed in Sweden and produced. Uni power maintains close contact with the current research in the area of power quality, in particular to the technical universities in Gothenburg and Boras. Almost all uni power products comply with the IEC 61000-4-30 class A instruments approval.

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