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    Oct 9

    10 Mistakes that you should avoid when preparing your suitcase on vacation: 1. do not get organized (ignore the inventory of what you take and if you are ready to enjoy the holiday) 2. Do not schedule according to the place to vacation (pack everything without assessing what to take according to your destination: weather, activities, etc.) 3 Carry on if anything 4 excesopor. Not be practical (have to carry what is necessary and maximize) 5. Wear clothing that requires extreme care (silk, yarn), only because it looks cute 6. Wear clothes that take up much space (woven pieces, jackets) 7. Fold each piece individually, as they exhibit stores (they occupy more space, folds brand and creates wrinkles in the clothes) 8.

    Place delicate garment pieces to the bottom of the suitcase 9. Placing items of personal care among the pieces of clothing and inside the shoes that you place in the suitcase (the air pressure in the height may cause that open vials and their contents finish on clothes and shoes) 10. Do not include in necessary luggage by hand, a basic full change of clothes in case you lost / delayed suitcase. When packing your suitcase don’t forget your checklist (for what you carry and/or OS), also you will need plastic bags, for example to save articles of personal use, clothes wet (swimsuit), that needs to be washed or delicate handling if you have lots of clothes that fit, I recommend the technique that I have appointed the package embraced (have worked me excellently) in which you acomodas by layersfor example: i. begins by placing, out of the suitcase on the bed, for example, a shirt and the second shirt onto the first one, to the opposite side but they are manga with manga (forming a cross). II. Add the pants on the shirts, the trouser legs extended to the opposite side where are the sleeves of shirts.

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