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    Apr 10

    Although in many cases targeted at third parties, are not commercial documents, and are not oriented to public relations. Some examples: manuals of instructions, procedural rules, spreads for recruitment for contests and auctions and requests for subsidies. In this kind of text is especially important, even more if it should be that in other writings, that the wording is clear, coherent and well built. There is an example in this special interest group handy for all kinds of companies (including, of course, SMEs and the self-employed): applications for grants and financial aid. And it is that many subsidies remain deserted each year in Spain because projects submitted to public agencies or financial institutions have not drafted properly. It is not that the businessmen or professionals lack capacity to develop projects. What happens is that they are not familiar with the methodology of this type of documents.Therefore, obtaining aid, a loan or a grant may depend on the proper wording and presentation of the application.

    But who has time to write? We have already seen the large amount of documents that a company generates in the development of its activity. We have also seen how important that can be for a company knowing how to write correctly. Who is the most appropriate person to deal with corporate writing? Write to the company with success and effectiveness is not an impossible mission. With dedication and the learning the proper techniques can be achieved very substantial improvements. Its beneficial effects will be noticeable in short time in many aspects of the organization.

    However, the Manager, intermediate command, the employee or the entrepreneur often do not have sufficient time or inspiration. Deal with writing the quarterly report, or the article for the blog, or the product catalog can become a heavy burden. Especially when it has to combine this task with the rest of the day to day obligations.

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