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    Nov 9

    Emerged at this time the information systems and networks as tools to process and apply information. Information systems are designed to meet the information needs of their users by integrating existing information flows in organizations. With advances in information technology must always be updated in a dynamic way, didactic, the for everyone with easy access to that information which is developed by the construction of useful knowledge at each moment in new processes for teaching and learning and new educational environments. Well-managed technology can and should be an advantage for the company over its competitors, the Internet and information systems provide great potential for development of an organization, always taking into account what resources and needs it. Information management should contribute with all the innovations that the organization wishes to include a quick and timely, and herself to be an innovation.

    To develop information management, follow the four key objectives: a Maximize the value and benefits of the use of information. a Minimize the cost of acquisition, processing and use of information. a Identify responsibilities for effective use, efficient and cost information. a To ensure a continuous supply of information. The information must be maintained so that their costs are outweighed by its benefits. It should measure both the costs and benefits arising from the use of information, the information system is evaluated in terms of global indicators to appreciate the organization faces different scenarios evolves. Business Management The business world today has incorporated new concepts in management: Internet and advanced technologies, management of human resources and knowledge, business intelligence, the greatest power on the client and change, these elements are integrated into the corporate governance, make the traditional business model evolves to new management models to improve the competitiveness and business performance.

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