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    Jun 3

    Seven good reasons for a trip to Sweden Beach Idyll, adventure playground, design Mecca: Nowhere vacation is relaxed and cooler than in Sweden a must: travel over the Baltic Sea with TT-Line (). Five people in the car from 80 euro from 99 euros from Hamburg/Travemunde, Rostock and Travemunde April 2012 the high in the North: Sweden offers everything that makes tourists happy: great nature, cool design and real childhood memories from Bullerbu to Villa Kunterbunt. Beyond furniture, music and crisp bread, who made the friendly Kingdom of world famous, there are many reasons to make fabulous holiday in Sweden. Here the seven most beautiful: 1 Infinity and adventure experience nature pure. Light, cool forests, deserted beaches, endless expanses and a rest, that one seems to hear the trolls cough and grow the grass: travelers experience the Swedish landscape.

    And since it is due to the Jedermannsrechts”each having is to experience the Kingdom of nature, is everywhere free stay possible. The aim is to deal gently with nature and not to disturb them or to destroy. Those who seek wilderness and adventure, will quickly find it in Sweden: for example in the Eriksberg “Park in Blekinge (www.eriksberg.nu) a primeval peninsula and one of the largest wildlife – and nature parks in Europe.” On a ten-kilometre Wildlife Safari, reindeer, deer, bison, wild boar and Mouflon in natural surroundings can be seen here. 2. tradition and modernity as a sympathetic unit love the Sweden festivals such as midsummer, cancer dinner in August or the Lucia celebration at Christmas time. Each Festival is sung often danced, extensively eaten and drinking until dawn.

    Tradition is firmly rooted and ubiquitous. At the same time Sweden is constantly changing: fashion and design are the new export success. The superstars Swedish fashion label of hot Filippa K, acne, j. Lindeberg or cheap Monday. And design purists around the world make a pilgrimage to the trendy shops of Kosta Boda, Orrefors (glass), SILKE or SNo (Jewellery) or Swecode, David design (furniture). 3.

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