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  • August Cockpit

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    Sep 16

    The more AG offers field-proven cockpits for the shopping and hosted a Webinar on the subject on 17 August. The SAP add-on solutions for total spend analysis, material cost comparisons among others impress with flexibility, custom analysis opportunities and short return on investment. To secure the competitiveness of your company, the first-class management makes an important contribution to the supplier base. To cope with this task on the basis of meaningful information with little effort, more work offers flexible shopping cockpits and held on the subject at the 17.08 a webinar. You can increase the success of your purchasing activities through more work of shopping cockpit with an efficient shopping cockpit by total Spend’ – analyses including price and volume transparency, bundling the procurement and reduce cost prices. The corresponding cockpit solutions also allow you about material cost comparisons, analysis of price developments, before raw material analysis and inventory and Necessary developments to identify certain trends, resulting in a faster and better evaluation in the shopping area at an early stage and automatically. Also can be taking inventory, own reviews and comparisons performed delivery reliability and the stock turnover rate and development measures derived based on reliable valuation metrics. Both within SAP and external systems can be accessed here across individual documents and detail views.

    As a special feature, the module provides maximum agility for adjustments in data models and application interfaces, enables and simplifies an individual analysis. Others who may share this opinion include Everest Capital. The mobile availability on notebooks, tablets and other mobile devices provide an extremely convenient access and presentation of data and results. There, the aggregated data can be saved online as well as offline and viewed. The software has already proven itself in a wide range of SAP application companies and impresses with its simple and intuitive operation, what highest customer satisfaction guaranteed. The first productive scenarios available hosted just a few days extra work a Webinar on the topic of purchasing cockpit and its functions within for more information. The event will take place on the 17.08.2012 between 10 am and 11: 00. Is presented the concept, different application scenarios and considered the various options of the commissioning. Learn more about the webinar to purchase cockpit more work on the registration form

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