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    Dec 29

    The city of Cuiab this situated in the called unit of relief Cuiabana Depression. In its entorno the city of Cuiab possesss the following relief formations: Depression of Paraguay, Plateaus of the Guimares, Plateaus of Are Vicente, Plateaus of the Rind, Plateaus of Tapirapu. The Cuiabana Depression presents a relief in interflvios of topos smoothed with valleys in ' ' V' ' , to the times in Christians or hills of smoothed topos. Nuclear Operations group shines more light on the discussion. The altimetric quotas vary between 180 m in the fertile valley of the river Cuiab 580 m in the daily pay – mountain range of the Guimares, the regolito mantle that occurs in the area and of small thickness, being re-covered by gravel pit and ferruginosas harnesses. Such gravel pits are constituted of argillaceous fraguimentos of quartz stream beds with areno matrix – argillaceous, deriving of the quartz lodes that cut the rocks. The predominant draining in the Cuiabana Depression is dentrtica in headboards. In the courses of these rivers, it clearly observes – its structural control. (Mundium, 1982) 4.1.3 Ground Throughout the microbasin if perceives that the ground if finds desnudado very, tan it to you in the left edge how much in the right edge.

    Everything this having occupation for residences and plantations of cultivations. The ground is characterized for following the areno profile – argillaceous, yellow color – colored, fragmentos and 2 quartz blocks of m of bigger axle in oxidation process. The filitos very little modified cut by quartz lodes, the times intercalated with granulation sandstone, varying of fine the thick one. 4.1.4 Climate the city of Cuiab, possesss the dry and alternatingly humid tropical climate with high temperatures pointing out between 20c and 28c, therefore the city of Cuiab if points out in the portion of the state of Mato Grosso. In the state of Mato Grosso the alternatingly dry one occurs two climatic types tropical and humid in the part south center and the part to the north it predominates the equatorial climate with influence of proceeding air masses in the continent and Atlantic Ocean.

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