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    Aug 18

    Extrusion – is a complex physical-chemical process that occurs under the influence of mechanical forces on condition of moisture and high temperature exposure. In the process of extrusion of soybean urease activity level is reduced to 0.1-0.2 units of pH, which can inactivate the anti-nutritious properties of this product to a safe level. The main technological properties full-fat extruded soybeans depend on processing temperature, residence time of the product in the cell media and preparation of soybean seeds. As a result of extrusion of 1 kg of soybean obtained additional exchange energy equivalent to 100 grams of vegetable oil, and highly available protein. This is a consequence of degradation of starch into simpler sugars, and short-term exposure to heat to the product, as well as cell gap membranes.

    Full-fat extruded soybeans is an ideal raw material for production of concentrates, as introduced in concentrate most importantly – low-cost energy and high-grade protein. Practically, adding soy vitamins minerals, amino acids and enzymes, can be highly protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate (a homogeneous mixture of high-protein fodder, mineral and dietary substances). If the farm has its own low-cost raw materials and the ability to mix the ingredients, the use of such concentrates can get in kormotsehov inexpensive, but high-quality feed and reach high levels of productivity. It is also possible thermal treatment of soybeans to produce soy tostirovannoy, thus there is a coagulation protein, resulting in enzymes lose their biochemical activity, disrupted the structure of cell walls and easier access to the contents of cells, which in turn facilitates digestion. If the soybeans will not pre-heat treatment, the nutritional value of soy would not be interest. Protein in soybean tostirovannoy full-fat – a complete, contains all the essential amino acids in optimal quantities.

    Soybean tostirovannaya full-fat is also a valuable component for all farm animals, especially young animals and poultry. These methods are much simpler than extraction or pressing, and can be effective in small volumes of processing. But Soy has a limited use, mainly the real value of soy products is ensured by its industrial processing. Another direction of processing of soybeans – is to get soy milk with a possible subsequent processing. The technological process of production of soy milk contains the following steps: Receiving whole grain soy beans. Cleaning and decortication – a film with the grain is removed mechanically, from soy to relieve binding effect and to avoid any contamination of the product. Grinding with water (extraction) – allows a natural way to dissolve all nutrients of soy. Filtering – allows you to remove all fibers. Heat treatment (sterilization) at very high temperatures in a very short period of time – you can save all the nutrients, to remove anti-trypsin and provide high nutritional value of the product. Getting the protein suspension – soy milk. Produce soy milk is extremely simple. In Asian countries, there are many ways to craft his production. However, much more difficult to produce in a continuous loop with regular milk flavor, and bakterialogicheskimi dietary properties. Dairy products from soybeans produced in a wide range. Various types of packaging, fruit and berry fillers, fat percentage in yogurt, etc. Further possible modifications of products, development of new formulations, etc.

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