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  • Ancient Egypt Letters

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    Sep 25

    Research conducted by Bill Manley, Professor and researcher in archaeology from the University of Gladgow. The ancient Egyptians practiced the writing of letters to dead relatives. Writing in ancient Egypt was something special, and employed in specific cases, was not current today as day. The letters that they wrote were administrative in nature and sought to bureaucratic problems. Personal correspondence is an area with few testimonies. For example, the letters of Heqaiajt, dealt with farm and family relations. To know more about this subject visit Israel Englander.

    Of this type are the letters to the dead. Were first written on ceramic basins, also on fabrics, offerings and also on Papyrus; left as offerings in shrines of the graves of dead relatives. The letters sought to the problems faced by the living, such as: debts, illnesses or deliveries, problems of everyday life. The living had hoped that the dead were able to help them. On many occasions they rebuked their dead relatives for not having done more to help them. For them, many elements were beyond human control; the disease seemed to be arbitrarily and problems could come from nowhere.

    The ancient Egyptians believed inhabiting a world of forces and power controlled; in which events occurred in a mechanical way or blind (such as e.g. a bacterium that invades the body and multiply), but rather the invisible forces of gods and spirits directed them. If nobody emerged a problem that could be awarded to one of these evil spirits, then better to invoke, as a benevolent spirit: one’s own relatives that lived in this plane of existence. According to Egyptian belief, the blessed dead passed to another life, but in this other life maintained ties with the living. The Ka (one of the concepts that the Egyptians of the spirit of the people had) of the deceased had nurtured and maintained through the supply of offerings in the form of food, but also supplies more generals, such as clothing. In the sanctuaries of the tombs of important characters, such offerings are sanctified in paints and sepulchral inscriptions. To change the dead, as spirits Aj (another of the concepts of spirit), could intervene in helping to resolve the various problems which by their nature had a cause, but one that was invisible or unknown. The way in which it was expected to act dead, reflects the ceencias of the time in more beyond. It was believed that problems caused them a malign agent (e.g. a dead man with a complaint). The work of the dead was joining these evil agents charge; bringing the case before the gods. The first letters to the dead come end of the old empire and the latest from the end of the new Kingdom, some 1000 years later. During the new Kingdom, the cult to the gods took a strong personal dimension, increasingly more people began to think that they had an intimate relationship with their gods. So it began to ask for his help directly, not just through prayers, but writing them to ask them for help in order to solve their problems. The dead did well, but the gods did it better. Here you will find quality items for personal and spiritual development (health, entertainment, sports, computing, etc).

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