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    Aug 7

    Many times I’m asked, then after started business on the Internet, what to do when it comes the first downturn, the first discouraged. Many do not find their way to begin, others already disappointed by not having achieved sales, do not believe in anything, let their minds be filled with thoughts as this is not my thing, who told me that you fracasaria, you were right, this is only for a few, and what is worse, they accept the failure. It is normal that in any endeavor, starting with great enthusiasm, with the illusion of being able to fulfill our dreams. After achieving the first objective, which is to minimally operate the business, we expect anxious and proudly, early results that for some reason do not reach. This produces a great disappointment. The first mistake made here is to put sales expectations at the wrong time. When we launched minimally a business, it is just the beginning.

    Still a long way to go before having sales is missing. Imagine, you’ve put a restaurant, spent some time installing the kitchen, the You equipaste with tables, you took everything you need to serve your customers and employees. When everything is in condition, open the doors and stay hoping that many people agolpe to enter because of course! Does not fit anyone. People don’t know that you’ve opened, menu you have, nobody knows you’re there. You say, obvious if you do a bit of advertising, not how you want people to know. Alleluia!! Why do we believe that the Internet business are different? This error is very common.

    We got our pages on the server and then go to Google hoping to appear in the first places. When we are able to offer something on the Internet, we must make it known, so that our potential customers are aware. Nobody knows if we don’t know we exist on the Web.

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